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Just like home made

Baby & Toddler Food

Our wide range of baby and toddler foods are inspired by homemade food – just like mums and dads would make it at home. Our aim is to support baby and toddler development in the healthiest possible way. We work with the best natural ingredients and do not add artificial preservatives. We use gentle production methods to maximize nutritional content and ensure that our products are packed full of flavour, colour, texture and all the goodness of nature. We share our passion for natural good food and help children and parents learn more about nutrition through our brands such as Organix and BeechNut. Many of our brands including Hero Baby and Semper are market leaders.

Our baby and toddler food and milk products are developed and produced in association with the Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition, our own Scientific Advisory Board comprised of internationally renowned pediatricians and nutritionists, as well as members from the Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition.

Baby & toddler food brands overview

Under different brands we offer infant milk & formulae. Find out more via the links below to the different brand websites.

Hero Baby

Hero Baby was founded in Spain in 1985 and is our brand for baby and toddler food and milks. All of our Hero Baby products are developed with the support of our Infant Nutrition Insititute. Today, these products are sold in several countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Turkey, Egypt, the Gulf states and various other export countries.
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Semper is the most trusted nutrition brand in Sweden and enjoys also a very good reputation in the Nordic and Baltic countries.


Our brand Beech-Nut in the United States does not offer baby food, but real food for babies. The 100 % natural jars contain only fruits and vegetables without adding any artifical preservatives.

Organix and Goodies

Organix (United Kingdom) inspires a life-long love for good food. They campaign for organic agriculture and better, conscious feeding. Their “No Junk Promise” is a promise to only use natural ingredients in all their products.


Most Czech and Slovakian babies were and are growing up with Sunar, a traditional leading infant milk brand that also offers different baby food under their brand Sunarka and Sunarek.