Hero at a glance

The foundation stone of our company dates back to 1886 in Lenzburg, Switzerland. Over the last 135+ years, Hero has been building its presence through both organic growth and through acquisition to create the diverse group of companies that we are today.

We consider ourselves a big, small company with a family feel rather than a small, big company. We set high standards and strive to provide consumers with easily available healthy and nutritious quality food. We have offices and production facilities spread across five continents and are proud to employ 4,000 full-time and part-time Heroes who are passionate about what they do.

Our mission

Our mission, to delight consumers by conserving the goodness of nature, addresses the needs and desires of today’s consumers for authentic, honest food. We believe in going back to basics and adopting the principles of purity, honesty, and simplicity. We do this by having fewer, more natural ingredients that are prepared with minimum processing.

“A privately-owned, family company that takes a long-term view on protecting the environment and growing its people. Being a Hero means staying true to our values thanks to our roots, while growing like a tree with innovation and change. This is our shield, and it protects us against strong winds.”

Tuba Kengil

Innovation and Quality Director Hero Turkey

Ways of working

We have an open, flexible, and informal way of working where everyone can have an impact in what we do and how we do it irrespective of their position. Opportunities are there to be taken, and ambitions can be realized.

Our short hierarchical lines mean that our people can have an impact at most levels across the company. It’s quite simple, really. We don’t employ people to tell them what to do – you can make your mark with us. We value great ideas and allow the space for them to grow. We believe in creating an environment where entrepreneurial professionals can flourish and where creativity and imagination are highly valued. We encourage our staff to design and embrace their own development – you are your only limit.

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Our values-led company

Values are at the heart of who we are as people and they act as our guide, defining who we are and how we behave. After an inclusive process involving around a quarter of all our people, the Hero Group introduced four new values across the company in 2021. The new values reflect the company we are today and the company we want to build in the future. The new Hero values are Create wow, Everyone Hero, Nourish others, and Take responsibility.

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Code of Conduct

We want to offer healthy, nutritious, safe, and high-quality products to our consumers, and we strive to ensure our activities are carried out applying fair practices in accordance with international law. We act with integrity, loyalty, and honesty.

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Your voice matters

At Hero, openness and transparency are the bedrock of our culture. They are rooted in our company values that lie at the heart of all that we do. We believe that our people (and those external to our company) should have the right to raise concerns and report instances of misconduct, anonymously and without fear of retaliation. By upholding our people’s freedom to raise concerns we are empowering them to safeguard our culture of openness and high ethical standards. Before accessing the site, please read our Governance & Privacy Policy.

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