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This is our story

Some call us a food manufacturer – we disagree. For us, it is Mother Nature who makes food – all we do is conserve the goodness she provides. And we’ve been doing so for more than 130 years. This is who we are, and this is our story.


We launched in 1992 with some fundamental beliefs; everybody, no matter how young, deserves to eat well, and that great-tasting organic ingredients and delicious recipes can encourage a life-long love of food. We’ve stuck to these beliefs fanatically.

Our values

After an inclusive process involving around 25% of all our people, the Hero Group has introduced four new values across the company. The new values reflect the company today and also shape the company we want to build in the future. The new Hero values are Create wow, Everyone Hero, Nourish others, and Take responsibility.

Always the pick of the crop

Not every fruit is the same. At Hero, we are passionate about making sure that that we use only the best quality fruit in our jams, and that we deliver their natural goodness to consumers. We source from the best growers and together carefully and precisely time the harvesting and processing of the fruit – all inspired by nature. This allows us to maintain the highest possible standards.

Only the best for Hero babies

For fruit and vegetables to be included in Hero baby food products, they have to meet very high-quality standards. Strict quality control procedures are followed from the outset to ensure these standards are met. We value our consumers well-being, especially the youngest.

Our local Heroes

We’ve interviewed different United Local Heroes to find out what motivates them in their workplace, find out here how they have responded.

Hero Benelux

Hero Benelux has been bringing the goodness of nature to consumers for over a hundred years through high quality, natural products. To ensure that we can continue to enjoy these products in the future, we work hard to protect the environment.