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Only the best for Hero babies

For fruit and vegetables to be included in Hero baby food products, they have to meet very high quality standards. Strict quality control procedures are followed from the outset to ensure these standards are met.

Peach Puree baby food
In Spain, our peach puree baby food products are produced according to a rigorous “Controlled Agricultural Production” protocol from start to finish. At the beginning of each year, an experienced team of Hero experts determines the active substances that may be used during the peach crop cycle, only choosing those that will have a minimum environmental impact. Only farms that follow these guidelines and that experience clement Mediterranean weather conditions are selected for growing the peaches. Hero technicians make regular visits to the farms to verify that all the requirements for proper crop management are fulfilled. Prior to harvesting the peaches, samples are taken and analyzed in specialist laboratories, using the latest technologies and processes.

Once the fruit has been approved and reached optimum ripeness, it is collected in plastic containers supplied by Hero, ensuring high levels of hygiene. Quality control measures continue throughout the transportation, storage and processing of the peaches at our own facilities, and conclude with a final analysis of the peach puree itself.