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Our ambition to grow is underpinned by our five core values: change, entrepreneurship, speed, empowerment, and family. Our values help us navigate the ever-changing environment in which we operate and ensure we innovate to meet customer needs.


If and when a business situation demands it, we change our focus and adapt to the new circumstances.


We serve our (internal) customers and consumers with top quality products that serve their local needs in the best possible way.


We challenge ourselves to change tempo to support change and entrepreneurship.


We share power and trust each other to deliver against standards and targets as a means to personal development and motivation.


We care about our business, each other, our stakeholders and about having a family life besides our business responsibilities.

Our values in action

Our values are reflected in our key HR processes, including performance management. They are also realized through our social engagement and responsibility activities, such as our family days, provision of pensions and health insurance to employees, and the development of digital platforms to encourage employee interaction.