Always pick of the crop

Not every fruit is the same. At Hero, we are passionate about making sure that that we use only the best quality fruit in our jams and that we deliver their natural goodness to consumers. We source from the best growers and together carefully and precisely time the harvesting and processing of the fruit – all inspired by nature. This allows us to maintain the highest possible standards.

Temporada strawberry jam

Every year, we produce a special, limited edition Temporada strawberry jam in Spain. Temporada is Spanish for temporary or seasonal, and the Hero Spain purchasing team carries out strict control measures around the growing and harvesting of the strawberries to ensure that only the best, fresh strawberries of the season go into our jams – it’s always the pick of the crop.

The best strawberries come from Huelva and the surrounding area, a renowned premium growing region in the southwest of Spain. Growers in the area are carefully selected, and we only select the ones who fully comply with applicable legislation and quality standards.

The strawberry season is short in these areas, only lasting from April to May, and the harvesting of the berries is carefully timed to ensure that they are at their optimum ripeness, sweetness, and color when they are picked. A Hero expert is on site during the harvest to ensure the highest possible quality control measures and logistics standards are met. The purchasing team also make regular visits to maintain direct contact with the suppliers and ensure quality control throughout the full growing and harvesting season.

Once harvested, the strawberries are transported in refrigerated vehicles to our manufacturing facility where they undergo the minimum possible processing to maintain their natural goodness. In all, it takes just two to three days for the fresh strawberries to go from the field to our jars.