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Let’s conserve the goodness of nature together

We value the work Mother Nature does and have made it our mission to conserve the goodness she produces. Our work starts from the source – farmers and growers, and it continues all the way along the supply chain until products finally land on our consumers’ tables.

We are looking for your raw talent and just like Mother Nature, our goal is to conserve and nurture it to bring out your best. This is your chance to make your mark.

When you work at Hero you can bring your own authentic self to work and your own purpose to life through the work that you do. We are a company of many locally relevant, consumer-centered brands that are loved. We are a company that takes its responsibility to improve the planet and our society. We are a company with around 4,000 dedicated people who are passionate about delighting consumers by conserving the goodness of nature.

What you can expect from us

Find your dream job

Whether it’s a job at reception, in communications or finance, in supply chain, in one of our sales teams, or nurturing one of our fantastic international or local brands the Hero job portal provides a list of all current openings within the company. If you think you’ve got what it takes to make your mark at Hero, we’d like to hear from you.

Vacancies @ Hero

Our departments

Every individual in every functional area has an important role to play in delighting our consumers. At Hero, we offer a wide range of opportunities to grow and develop your career. Whether you have skills and are passionate about buying raw materials or developing new products or operating a line within our factories or developing new sales channels, we have a wide range of roles that will excite you.  

These roles fall under the following main categories – Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Procurement, Plan & Deliver, Quality, Product Development & Innovation, Sustainability, Research & Nutrition, Finance, IT, Legal, and HR & Corporate Communications. Where do you fit?

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