Our values

After an inclusive process involving around a quarter of our people, the Hero Group has introduced a set of four new values across the company.

The new values reflect the company today and the company we want to build in the future. The new Hero values are Create wow, Everyone Hero, Nourish others, and Take responsibility.

Values are at the heart of who we are as people and they guide how we behave. They play a critical role in connecting us especially considering how we exist as a grouping of multiple companies in different geographies with different ways of thinking and acting. They are the social glue that binds all of our differences together.

Create wow

We dare to do things differently, seek to always win with consumers and customers, and endeavor to be forever relevant and vital to our world. It’s about Curiosity, Innovation and Consumer/Customer Focus.

Everyone Hero

We work together in pursuit of our common mission and strategy, strengthening our local businesses by leveraging the power of the collective. It’s about Purpose, Performance and Teamwork.

Nourish others

We treat everyone with honesty, care and respect and provide our people, customers and consumers with what they need to thrive. It’s about Honesty, Empowerment, Respect and Diversity.

Take responsibility

We make good choices today to build a more sustainable business and environment fit for the needs of tomorrow. It’s about Sustainability, Ownership, Heritage and Quality.

Our values in action

Our values are reflected in our key HR processes, including performance management and recruitment They are also realized through our social engagement and responsibility activities, such as our family days, provision of pensions and health insurance to employees, and the development of digital platforms to encourage employee interaction. They are the core of our sustainability commitment and our equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts. The values are at the core of our culture, and we strive to live them every day.

Do you share our values?

Then we’d like to hear from you. Whether it’s a job at reception, in communications or finance, in supply chain, in one of our sales teams, or nurturing one of our fantastic international or local brands, the Hero job portal provides a list of all current openings within the company.

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