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Hero at a glance

We are an international food company that is passionate about naturally good food. Since our foundation in 1886 and within the many brands that have since joined the Hero family, our ethos continues: making high quality, natural products easily accessible to consumers. We want to bring this heritage to today`s consumers to share our love for naturally good food.


Our mission, to “delight consumers by conserving the goodness of nature”, addresses the needs and desires of today’s consumers for authentic, honest food. We believe in going back to basics and adopting the principles of purity, honesty and simplicity.

“ It is really a rewarding feeling knowing that your ideas can form into products that our consumers enjoy. ”

                                Marina Eriksdotter - Marketing Manager

Marina Eriksdotter - Marketing Manager


We foster an environment where entrepreneurial professionals can flourish and where creativity, imagination and ideas are highly valued.

We have an open, informal, non-hierarchical and family-oriented way of working with short decision lines. We give our people the freedom and responsibility to achieve their goals and ambitions the way they think is best. They are given the opportunity to take responsibility and realize their ambitions, and of course get rewarded for doing so.

“ We make a difference, because Hero encourages us to embrace change and to take ownership of new ideas taking hold. ”

                                Mohamed Fawzy - Logistics & Planning Manager

Mohamed Fawzy - Logistics & Planning Manager


With just over 4,300 aspirational colleagues in 16 countries we continually work to bring our mission and vision to life. Together, we have the opportunity to positively contribute to society by providing healthy and responsible food.

“ I do really enjoy being a member of this international family, having the same passion and energy for bringing goodness of nature to our consumers all over the world. ”

                                Sinem Güldogan - Sales Development Director

Sinem Güldogan - Sales Development Director


In line with our mission, we have set ourselves ambitious targets in respect to environmental and social responsibility. We are dedicated to reducing energy and water usage, decreasing packaging and food waste, and reducing our logistics footprint.

At the same time, as a major purchaser of agriculture raw materials we strive for strong supplier and agriculture sustainability. This includes being a member of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) to support the development and implementation of sustainable farming practices.

Our business relies on good quality fruit, which is increasingly jeopardized by the lack of pollination as a result of the bee colony collapse disorder. To gain a better understanding on the subject, the Hero Group has launched the Bee Careful Initiative, which includes the Bee Careful website that focuses on gathering and sharing information on bees. In partnership with bee expert Prof. Jürgen Tautz from the University of Würzburg, we are supporting research for solutions to the problem. Additionally, a number of our subsidiaries around the world have started initiatives to raise awareness with bee-keepers, farmers, schools, and our consumers.

Our Sustainability Brochure provides more information about our targets, key sustainability projects, and progress.

Our social and environmental principles are codified in the Hero Code of Conduct. We monitor compliance of our subsidiaries and supply partners through the SEDEX platform.

Sustainability Brochure (PDF)
Download Code of Conduct (PDF)